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“Fasting For the New Year” December 30, 2018

Mat. 6:16, 9:14-15 – NKJV
*Since fasting is abstaining from food there are two primary ways Christians fast:
1. The normal fast (Abstaining from food but not water)
2. The partial fast (Abstaining from certain types of food)
Things we should know about fasting:
1. Fasting should be for God’s glory and purpose. (Zech 7:5)
2. Fasting should be a giving of ourselves to God (Is. 58:5-9)
3. Fasting should be an expression of wholeheartedness, brokenness, and desperation
    (Joel 1:14)
Practical Steps to fasting: 
1. Understand that fasting is not easy!
2. Decide in your heart what God wants you to do
3. Prepare for difficult challenges
4.  Prepare for a blessing!

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