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“Freedom” Part 1 “Who Are You?” July 22, 2018


1 John 3:2-3 – NKJV

*Our Mission: To help people Know Jesus, Live in Freedom, Discover Purpose and to Impact their world.


*Wholeness is not a product of what you’ve done or haven’t done but a product of who you belong to


Romans 8:16 – NKJV

1 Cor. 2:14 – NKJV


*The most important part of becoming a Christian is not what I receive

But who I become.


Satan’s main mission:

  1. To distort the image of God
  2. To distort the truth of who we are


Two types of instruction in scripture:

  1. Doctrinal – (What we need to know about God, ourselves, sin and salvation)
  2. Practical – (What we need to do and not do in order to live out our faith)


*You will never live in Freedom mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and practically until you believe and embrace God’s truth about who you are!


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