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“Jesus in Action” Part 7 “Too Dead, Too Late, Too Little” May 14, 2017

Mark 6:30-42 – NIV

Three Statements from the disciples:

  1. This is a “remote” place (Desert: Lonely, Solitary, Desolate, Uninhabited)
  2. It’s already very late (Time is far passed)
  3. That would take eight months’ wages (More than a half year wages)

*God’s supply is not limited by our positions and situations of “lack” “lateness” or “lifelessness”

*Jesus asked the disciples to do something that He knew they were not capable of doing on their own

*He wanted His disciples to play a part in this miracle!

We say:

“It’s too Dead!

It’s too Late!

It’s too Little!

What did Jesus tell His disciples to do?

  1. Take Inventory (What do you have?) v.38
  2. Bring what you have to me (Matt.14:18)
  3. Do your part (Prepare to serve) v. 39
  4. Share the miracle! v. 41
  5. Make the most of the miracle (John 6:12)

*Don’t waste what God has given you!

*With Jesus it is never too Dead, too Late or too Little!

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