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“Perilous Times” Part 2 July 1, 2018

2 Tim. 3:1-5 – NKJV

Four attributes of the days we are living in:

  1. Disobedient to parents
  2.  Unthankful
  3.  Unholy
  4.  Unloving

When we honor our parents we have two promises:

  1. It will go well with us spiritually (God will be for you)
  2. It will go well with us practically (Long life and provision)

5 Things that provoked God in the Old Testament:

  1. Idolatry
  2. Sexual sin
  3. Oppressing the vulnerable (Poor, Widows, Orphans, Alien)
  4. Injustice
  5. Violence

*In Perilous times let us be the salt of the world!


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