We are so glad to announce the grand opening of our LHC Damascus Path!  It has been a long 16 months of work and sometimes weather delays that has brought us to this moment.  Most building projects do end up being more expensive and more difficult that what you originally anticipate and this project was no different.  Between the heavy rain of spring and the relentless heat of summer it was a very tough challenge to finish this path but to God be the glory it is done!  Thanks to all of my volunteers that helped with the walking path from beginning to end.  A special thanks to my “hall of fame” workers:  Skip Rome, Guy Vasquez, Roy Rogers, Jimmy Hart, and Jack Rogers.  Without these guys I for sure would have lost heart but they consistently showed up even in the worst of conditions. 

Here are a few stats about the Damascus Path:

  • Pavers delivered to church: approx. 24,000 – Jan 2014
  • Construction start date: June 28, 2014
  • Pavers used on path:  approx. 20,400
  • Weight of pavers moved by hand: 489,600 lbs! (244 tons)
  • Granite used: 440 cubic yards or 110 Tons!
  • Geo Fabric: 37,800 square feet!
  • Mortar mix: 4 Tons!  (8,000 lbs)
  • Clay and Sand:  600 cubic yards (50 loads)
  • 6” drain pipe: 300+ feet
  • Approximate hours – ?!
  • Gallons of sweat – ?!
  • Average work crew – 6
  • Total time from start to dedication: 469 days! (67 weeks)
  • Path length:  5,048 feet

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