Denise Hyde is the Dream Team Coordinator here at Living Hope. She is always ready to say yes to what God is doing. Seeing others grow in their hunger for God, fulfilling their purpose, building their character, growing in leadership, and making a difference is what makes her feel successful.

Denise met her love, Lynn, in bible college, and they have been married over 27 years. Her experiences as an elementary teacher and homeschooling her two beautiful daughters led her to be a homeschool leader in the community. She is a co-author, speaker, and an overcoming procrastinator that appreciates sincere words of affirmations. Psalm 37 and James 1 are her long-time favorite passages. A fun game, a good book or show, an inspiring adventure, an interesting font, a brainstorming session, and a place of peaceful beauty all can capture her attention.  

Join the Dream Team today and celebrate the wins together with us!


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