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100% of your gift will go to help flood victims and 100% is tax deductible.

A note from Pastor Kevin:

Hurricane Harvey was quite a bit more than any of us ever expected.  Catastrophic, devastating and just unbelievable are some of the words that come to mind when I survey the damage that this storm has caused.  In the days to follow recovery will begin and families will begin the long process of putting their lives back together.

We were not certain whether our church would make it through the high waters that surrounded our property but by God’s grace we appear to have survived and stayed dry.  Many have asked what our church will do to help in the days to come for our community and it appears that God has opened up doors for us to become a command center for the relief efforts.  We plan to house out of town relief workers who are coming to donate their time and skills to help families rebuild their homes and their lives.  We will be providing food and shelter for emergency personnel, laborers and contractors.  We will also be serving as a drop off and distribution center for water, food, bedding, toiletries, and other necessary items related to the recovery.  All donations will be used specifically and exclusively for those effected by the storm.

Since Living Hope Church is in the center of many hard hit areas we will not have a shortage of people to help in our immediate vicinity.  We have been in contact with a few out of state organizations like Operation Compassion who will be partnering with us in this endeavor.  We look forward to being the hands of Christ in helping our neighbors and community become whole again.  In the days to come we will also know the best way for you to volunteer your time and talents to help if you so desire.

If you wish to make a donation to flood victims please use the “Donate Now” button above to make your donation.  100% of your gift will go to help flood victims and 100% is tax deductible.

God Bless,

Pastor Kevin Kleinhenz

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