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God First | Part 2

“God First” Part 2 “God First in My Family”  Gen. 6:9-14, 7:1 – NIV *We live in a world that is constantly trying to press us into its mold Rom. 12:2 – NIV Integrity: Doing what is right when no one else is around Prov. 21:3 – NIV Gen. 6:14 – NIV God first in […]

God First | Part 1

“God First” January 1, 2017 Part 1 Matt. 22:37-38 – KJV *A confession of Christ without a possession of Christ is powerless Three ways to keep God first: Keep God first in your thoughts Psalm 10:4 – KJV *God first in our thoughts affects every other area of our life Keep God first in your […]

Hold the Line

“Hold the Line” December 11, 2016 Gen. 32:9-10 – NLT Psm. 127:1 – NLT Acts 16:31 – NLT Matt. 22:31-32 – NLT *A society that values family is one that will survive How do we hold the line? We must believe it is God’s will for our family to be saved Remain true to God […]