Living in the Light | Part 1

“Living in the Light” (Lessons from 1 John)

1 John 1:1-10 – NLT

John 1:1-2 – KJV*

*What we believe about the person of Jesus Christ is an eternal matter (vs.1)

*Jesus is the only source of eternal life (vs.2)

*Joy is not the by-product of favorable circumstances; true joy is a by-product of fellowship with God. (vs.4)

*The soul apart from God resides in darkness (vs.5)

Heb. 9:13-14 – KJV*

*We cannot deceive ourselves into thinking we are walking in fellowship with God while living in spiritual darkness (vs.6)

*The blood of Christ represents both the sacrifice of Christ and all of its atoning power (vs.7)

*The need for a Savior will never arise in a man’s heart until he realizes he is a sinner (vs.8)

*Jesus offers forgiveness and cleansing when we bring our sins to Him (vs.9)

*Are you living in the Light?