Part 2: Knowing The Voice of God

Why was the Word of the Lord so rare?

The nation was living in disobedience (selfish)

The people did not care (calloused)

The people were not listening (distracted)

How to know the voice of God:

You must know God (Be saved)

John 10:14 – NIV

*You will not get directions for your life until you know the Direction Giver!

     2.  Practice obedience

1 Sam. 15:22 – NIV

*Learning to obey God is the foundation for learning to hear God.

     3. Remove distractions

Job 33:14 – NIV

Distinguish between the voice of man and God

*Because the Holy Spirit is God He never speaks contrary to God

      5.  Have a desire to listen not just hear

*A prepared heart is the best way to hear the voice of God

*Are you listening?