Part 1: Pushing Through Disappointment

“The Best and Worst of Times” Part 1 “Pushing Through Disappointments”

I Sam. 1:1-11 – NIV

*Some of the most difficult disappointments we deal with in life we have no control over.

Four things Hannah did to push through her disappointment:

She made her “move” towards God. (Vs. 9-10)

*Sometimes the first move is the hardest

2.  She became “radical” in prayer. (Vs. 10-11)

Hannah’s prayer:

  • A. She made a vow (desperate)
  • B. She brought her “condition” to God’s attention
  • C. She reminded God of their relationship (servant)
  • D. She made her request (a son)
  • E. She made a promise back to God

3. She resisted discouragement (Vs. 14-16)

4. She chose to believe God (vs. 18)

*God can be trusted with our disappointments.