Jesus in Action | Part 10

“Jesus in Action” Part 10 “Every Generation’s Choice”

Mark 15:1-15 – KJV

*Who do you want to live with Jesus or Barabbas?

Important facts about Barabbas:

  1. He was a rebel (vs.6)
  2. He was a murderer (v.6)
  3. He was a robber (Thief) John 18:40


  1. Is a rebel (Is.14:12-14)
  2. Is a murderer (John 8:44)
  3. Is a thief (John 10:10)

*Acts 3:14 – KJV

*John 3:19-20 – KJV

Deut. 30:19 – KJV

Josh 24:15 – KJV

Two judges on those who have never heard:

  1. Creation (Rom. 1:18-20)
  2. Their own conscience (Rom. 2:15)

*Who will you choose today?

Jesus in Action | Part 9

“Jesus in Action” Part 9 “Honoring the Savior” May 28, 2017

Mark 11:1-10 – NIV

Three types of worshipers:

  1. Donkey Lenders

*To the owners, the donkey represented: Purpose, Potential and Ability

*Do we realize that submitting our gifts and talents to the Lord honors Him?

  1. Cloak Throwers

The outward “cloak” or “tunic” was part of their identity.

*Phil. 3:7-8 – NIV

*A “Cloak Thrower” is someone who honors Christ through their giving.

  1. Branch Cutters

*A “Branch Cutter” is a worshiper who is always willing to go the extra mile

to worship Christ.

*A church cannot thrive without “Branch Cutters”


*Honor the King, Honor the Kingdom!


Jesus in Action | Part 8

“Jesus in Action” Part 8 “A Heart Probing Savior” 5-21-17

Mark 10:17-27 – NIV

*Jesus probes the hearts of men

*His good works blinded him to the condition of his heart

*We live in a world where people think that good works and good intentions are enough.

Isaiah 64:6 – NIV

Heb. 4:13 – NIV

*We have been given information until our heads are full, but what we need is Revelation.

Will you follow Jesus or will you walk away?

Jesus in Action | Part 7

“Jesus in Action” Part 7 “Too Dead, Too Late, Too Little” May 14, 2017

Mark 6:30-42 – NIV

Three Statements from the disciples:

  1. This is a “remote” place (Desert: Lonely, Solitary, Desolate, Uninhabited)
  2. It’s already very late (Time is far passed)
  3. That would take eight months’ wages (More than a half year wages)

*God’s supply is not limited by our positions and situations of “lack” “lateness” or “lifelessness”

*Jesus asked the disciples to do something that He knew they were not capable of doing on their own

*He wanted His disciples to play a part in this miracle!

We say:

“It’s too Dead!

It’s too Late!

It’s too Little!

What did Jesus tell His disciples to do?

  1. Take Inventory (What do you have?) v.38
  2. Bring what you have to me (Matt.14:18)
  3. Do your part (Prepare to serve) v. 39
  4. Share the miracle! v. 41
  5. Make the most of the miracle (John 6:12)

*Don’t waste what God has given you!

*With Jesus it is never too Dead, too Late or too Little!

Jesus in Action | Part 6

“Jesus in Action” Part 6 “The Chain Breaking Savior” 5-7-17

Mark 5:1-20 – NIV

Who was Legion?

  1. He was a “man” (Vs.2)
  2. He was suffering (Naked, Isolation, Pain)
  3. He lived without hope

*People may see our value by our behavior but God sees our value as one made in His image

The result of this man’s encounter with Christ:

  1. He was Resting (Sitting)
  2. He was clothed (No longer naked)
  3. He was in his right mind (2 Tim 1:7)
  4. He was willing to Follow Christ

*Do you know the Chain Breaking Savior?


Jesus in Action | Part 5

“Jesus in Action” Part 5 “Let Us Go Over”

Mark 4:35-41 NIV

*There is no where we will go where Christ has not already gone

* There will always be a sea to cross and there will always be storms to interrupt your progress

Lessons from the boat:

  1. Jesus was leading the way (Mat. 8:23)
  2. He assured them of His continual presence (“Us”)
  3. He assured them of success (“Other side”)
  4. He tested their faith by His silence (Vs.38)
  5. He assured them that He is greater than storms and circumstances (“peace be still”)

*Let Us Go Over!

Jesus in Action | Part 3

“Jesus in Action” Part 3 “The Fantastic Four”

Mark 2:1-12 – NIV

How the miracle began:

  1. They heard that Jesus was in town
  2. They knew anything was possible in the presence of Jesus!
  3. They knew someone personally who needed a miracle
  4. They made a decision to help
  5. The refused to let obstacles stop their mission

*How much effort does the devil need to exert to discourage you?

God is looking for “some men” who will:

  1. Stand up
  2. Show up
  3. Bear up
  4. Climb up
  5. Tear up

So that someone else might be “Raised Up!”

*Who can you bring to Jesus?


Jesus in Action | Part 2

“Jesus in Action” Part 2 “Jesus still calls Disciples” April 2, 2017

Mark 1:14-20 – NKJV

Two noteworthy actions of Jesus:

  1. His first message or preaching topic (Repent and believe the good news)
  2. His first order of business or mission (Calling His disciples)

Jesus gives two invitations:

  1. Repent and believe the good news (gospel)
  2. Come follow me

How Jesus called these four fishermen:

  1. He went to where they were
  2. He challenged them to be more than what they were

*Jesus wants us to identify ourselves through Him and not by what we do

What does it mean to be a disciple?

  1. A disciple knows and follows Jesus
  2. A disciple is being “changed” by Jesus
  3. A disciple is committed to the mission of Jesus

God’s part:

  1. He calls us
  2. He makes us

Our part:

  1. Repent
  2. Believe
  3. Come and follow

*Jesus is still calling will you heed His call?

Jesus in Action | Part 1

“Jesus in Action” Part 1 “The Foundation of Ministry”

Mark 1:9-13 – NIV

*Until we recognize the true meaning of the Father’s voice we will always falter in our Christian experience

  1. You are my Son!

*How you identify yourself will always affect you, either positively or negatively

  1. I Love You!

Do you know that you matter?

III. I Am Pleased with You!

*Have you considered that He is pleased with you not because you don’t fail, but because you don’t quit.

The Father’s Words prepared Jesus to face:

  1. The Wilderness – (Harsh environments)
  2. Temptations- (Spiritual attacks)
  3. Wild Animals – (Predators)

*You are my son!

* I love you!

*I am pleased with you!