Lessons in Humility: Part 4

“Lessons in Humility” Part 4 “The Blessings of Humility”

Luke 14:11 – NKJ

James 4:10 – NKJ

1 Pet. 5:6 – NKJ

*Where God is all self is nothing

What does God give to the humble?

1. Grace

James 4:6 – NKJ

2. Exaltation

1 Pet. 5:6 –NKJ

*When God is allowed to have His rightful place in us He will lift us up!

Psalm 75:6-7 – KJV*

3. Happiness

2 Cor. 12:9-10 – NKJ

Phil. 4:11-13 – NKJ

*The more of God, the less of self, the more of happiness!

4. Faith

John 5:44 – NKJ

*Humility is the disposition which prepares the soul for living on trust

*Will you embrace humility?

Lessons in Humility: Part 3

“Lessons in Humility” Part 3 “Humility in Daily Life” 

Rom. 12:10,16

I Cor. 13:4-5

I John 4:20

*Humility towards others is the only proof that our humility before God is real

Eph. 4:2

Phil. 2:3

Four Manifestations of Pride:

1. Arrogance

2. Self-reliance

3. Stubbornness

4. Selfishness

*Our posture and spirit before men is a reflection of our posture and spirit before God

*What lesson in humility is God teaching you?

Lessons in Humility: Part 2

“Lessons in Humility” Part 2 “Humbling the Soul with Fasting” 12-27-15

Psm. 35:13 – NKJ

Psm. 69:10 – NKJ

Deut. 8:2-3 – NKJ

*Fasting: Willfully abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose

*The more humble we are the more dependent we become on God

*The heart of fasting should be the denial of “self” and the pursuit of God

Psm. 10:17 – NKJ

Ezra 8:21-23 – NKJ

*The most needful things in our lives, in our church, in our nation, in our world must come from God

*Will you humble yourself through fasting?

Lessons in Humility: Part 1

“Humility” Part 1 “The Forgotten Virtue”

Mat. 16:24 – NIV

Mat. 11:28-30 – NIV

Luke 22:27 – NIV

Phil 2:6-11- NIV

*Humility: lowliness of mind, the absence of self

Mat. 20:26-28 – NIV

*If humility is the absence of self, pride is the fullness of self.

*Only those with crosses can follow the One who carried His!

*Many want to be “great” but few want to serve!

1 Pet. 5:5 – NIV

*Humility is the soil in which grace grows!

Mat. 5:3-5- NIV

*The blessings of heaven and earth are for the humble!