Stuck in the Middle: Part 4

“Stuck in the Middle” Part 4 “Seeing and Serving”

Psm. 139:7-19 – NIV

We must see God in every part of life

Mat. 11:1-6 – NIV

*We see God in the “supernatural” but we struggle to see Him in everyday life

Col. 3:23 – NIV

*Let your work be “worship”!

*There is a difference between “expectancy” and “expectation”

     II.        We must see people as God sees them!

Luke 7:36-39, 44 – NIV

*We will never have a proper view of man until we get a proper view of God

Phil. 2:6-7 – NIV

Three Keys to Servanthood:

Know Jesus loves you!

Know that serving others is the best way to love Christ!

Know that servanthood is the best way to love like Jesus!

John 13:1 – NIV

Let us See! Let us Serve!

Stuck in the Middle: Part 3

“Stuck in the Middle” Part 3 “Leaving the Middle” December 6, 2015

2 Pet. 1:5-10 – NIV

*Routines can be good or bad depending on two principal things:

1. What they are

2. What attitude we do them with

*Very few men or women grow to be people of great faith or virtue by accident or apart from “Holy Habits”

Discipline:  “Any activity I do by direct effort that will help me do what I cannot “now” do by direct effort” (John Ortberg)

*Growth will always start with small consistent efforts!

*Let’s leave the middle!

Stuck in the Middle: Part 2

“Stuck in the Middle” Part 2 “Do You Believe?”

Luke 24:13-22 – NIV

*Our burning hearts keep us on the road but our slow hearts keep us from recognizing Him.

Ex. 20:18-19 –  NIV

*There is always risk involved when you want to have an encounter with God!

*We want a god that gives everything but expects nothing.

John 20:24-29 – NIV

*Thomas did not doubt to excuse his unbelief but to establish a concrete belief.

Jesus demonstrates His victory over death with wounds!

Do you believe?

Stuck in the Middle: Part 1

“Stuck in the Middle: Breaking out of the mundane by finding the heart of God”  (Part 1)

Jonah 1:1-3, 10-11 – NIV

  • Jonah knew God’s mercy but did not want it for all people
  • We often gravitate to a position with God that brings us “comfort”
  • What was God concerned with?
  1. The Nivevites
  2. The men on the ship
  3. Jonah
  • God is not just interested in our obedience!
  • What concerns us will also stir us
  • God wants us to “feel” the why
  • Don’t get stuck in the middle