Who Am I? | Heirs of God

“Who Am I?” Part 6 “Heirs of God”

Rom. 8:14-17-NKJ

*Our identity in Christ is wrapped up in the revelation and understanding that we are children of God

Titus 3:5 –KJV

Four Things we inherit as heirs:

I.  We are heirs of salvation – Heb. 1:14 – NKJ

II. We are heirs of His promises – Heb. 6:17- NKJ

Gal. 3:13-14- NKJ

2 Pet. 1:3-4- NKJ

III. We are heirs of eternal life – Titus 3:7 – NKJ

John 3:16 – NKJ

IV. We are heirs of the Kingdom – James 2:5-NKJ

Do you know who you are?

Who Am I? | More Than Conquerors

“Who Am I?” Part 5 “More Than Conquerors”

Rom. 8:31-38 – NKJ

  • Paul ties our victory over the difficulties of life together with the knowledge of Christ’s love for us, and our identity as “Conquerors”
  • If we allow the “externals” in life to bring us down, we will depend on them to bring us up

Psm. 73:26 – NKJ

Prov. 30:7-9 – NKJ

  • Our perception of God and His love in our “externals” of life will determine our level of victory

1 John 5:4 – NKJ

2 Cor. 2:14 -NKJ

John 10:28-29 – KJV

Rev. 12:11 – KJV

  • What is the word of your testimony?
  • Who are you?

Who Am I? | Represent | Part 2

“Who Am I?” Part 4 “Represent II”

I Tim. 4:12,- NIV 

Mat. 5:13-16, KJV

We “represent” in: Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity

I. I Represent with Love

*Our example of love must first be displayed among believers

John. 13:35 – KJV

Gal. 6:10 NIV

I John 4:20 – KJV

*When we don’t love each other the world will not believe!

Eph. 4:2-3 – NIV

Mat. 5:43-46 – KJV

II. I Represent with Faith

*We should not be known as the people who worry and complain!

III. I Represent with Purity

*The core of Christianity is the declaration that Jesus is “Lord”

*Deception believes that there is such a thing as a “private” life.

*Luke 8:17 –KJV

Do you represent?

Who Am I? | Represent

“Who Am I?” Part 3 “Represent!”

I Tim. 4:12,16 – NIV

Mat. 5:13-16 – KJV

  • We are called “Salt” “Light”, “Stars” “Ambassadors” and “Witnesses”
  • The way we live is not only a matter of salvation for ourselves but also for others! (1 Tim. 4:16)

1 Tim. 2:19 – NIV

1 Thess 5:22 – NIV

  • How do we represent Christ? (I Tim. 4:12) Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith, Purity

I “represent” with my “Speech”

  • Our speech and conversations should represent our Father!

II. Conduct – (Lifestyle)

  • Conduct is how we “act” and “react”

III. Love (For each other, for the world)

  • Love involves action, love involves works

John 13:35 – KJV

  • Of all the “witness busters” none are as destructive as when Christians fight among themselves!

Eph. 4:3 – NIV

  • Will you represent?

Who Am I? | A World Without a Father

“Who Am I?” Part 2 “A World Without a Father”

John 17:20-26 – NIV

Mal. 4:5-6 – NIV

  • Unless our heart receives the Spirit of “son ship” we will find ourselves living under the influence of the “orphan” spirit.
  • We all live at the mercy of our own thoughts about God

Three things Jesus reveals in His prayer: (John 17)

  1. The world does not know the Father (Vs. 25)
  2. That He wants the world to know the Father’s love for them (vs. 23)
  3. That He wants them to know the Father (vs. 26)
  • The curse that is over humanity and the nations is a curse of “fatherlessness”

Eph. 2:6 – KJV

Phil. 2:5-6 – KJV

John 14:30 – NIV

Rom. 14:7-8 – KJV

Progression of an orphan spirit:

  1. We focus on the faults of authority (Parents, leaders)
  2. We fear receiving comfort, love or affirmation
  3. Our spirit closes to authority
  4. We seek to control relationships or settle for superficial ones
  5. We become self-sufficient or victims
  • Our culture is wrecked and our world is destitute because they do not have a Father!
  • Who will show them the Father’s love?

Who Am I? | Rejecting the Orphan Spirit

“Who Am I?” Part 1 “Rejecting the Orphan spirit” January 24, 2016

Rom. 8:14-17 – NKJ

Gal. 4:4-7 – NKJ

Mat. 13:15 – NKJ

*Before we attempt to do anything for God or be anything for God we must know our identity as sons and daughters

Rom. 8:29 – KJV

John 14:16-18 – NKJ

John 14:1-3 – KJV

*Because I am a “son” I have a Father, I have a home, I have an inheritance!

*The core of every temptation you face is about your identity

The Father’s mission: To fill His house with sons and daughters

The Son’s mission: To bring orphans back to the Father

Our mission: To finish the unfinished business of the Father

Three traits of an “orphan” spirit:

They have no trust or faith

They seek to control, manipulate or take from anyone who demonstrates son ship, ownership or authority

They habitually display anxiety, guilt and feelings of hopelessness

*Orphans need adoption!

Eph. 1:6 – NKJ

Do you know you are accepted and loved?