Sermons by Pastor Kevin Kleinhenz

The Challenges We Face | Part 1

                             “The Challenges We Face” Part 1 “Ordinary Men”                                                         June 18, 2017 1 Cor. 1:25-31 – KJV What does God want men to know? You are called! Being “Called” by God means: He is the initiator of our relationship He has intentions and purpose for our lives He will enable us to “do” everything […]

Jesus in Action | Part 7

“Jesus in Action” Part 7 “Too Dead, Too Late, Too Little” May 14, 2017 Mark 6:30-42 – NIV Three Statements from the disciples: This is a “remote” place (Desert: Lonely, Solitary, Desolate, Uninhabited) It’s already very late (Time is far passed) That would take eight months’ wages (More than a half year wages) *God’s supply […]