Who Am I? | A World Without a Father

“Who Am I?” Part 2 “A World Without a Father”

John 17:20-26 – NIV

Mal. 4:5-6 – NIV

  • Unless our heart receives the Spirit of “son ship” we will find ourselves living under the influence of the “orphan” spirit.
  • We all live at the mercy of our own thoughts about God

Three things Jesus reveals in His prayer: (John 17)

  1. The world does not know the Father (Vs. 25)
  2. That He wants the world to know the Father’s love for them (vs. 23)
  3. That He wants them to know the Father (vs. 26)
  • The curse that is over humanity and the nations is a curse of “fatherlessness”

Eph. 2:6 – KJV

Phil. 2:5-6 – KJV

John 14:30 – NIV

Rom. 14:7-8 – KJV

Progression of an orphan spirit:

  1. We focus on the faults of authority (Parents, leaders)
  2. We fear receiving comfort, love or affirmation
  3. Our spirit closes to authority
  4. We seek to control relationships or settle for superficial ones
  5. We become self-sufficient or victims
  • Our culture is wrecked and our world is destitute because they do not have a Father!
  • Who will show them the Father’s love?