No Longer A Slave | Coming to Terms

“No Longer A Slave” Part 1 “Coming to Terms” 7-10-16

Rom.6:15-18 – NLT

*It is important to separate the secular view of addiction along with its definitions from God’s perspective and how the Bible defines it.

*It is a false and misleading idea that addiction is a “disease”

*God calls addiction a “sin” problem an issue of the heart that has only one remedy and that is the Savior Jesus Christ

I Cor. 15:3 –NLT

*The Bible uses on general term for addiction: “Idolatry”

*Idol: A person or thing too much loved, admired or honored

Addiction: A negative life-controlling habit that is destructive either physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally or spiritually

Deut. 4:39 – NLT

Is. 45:6 – NLT

Rom. 12:2 – NLT

*Only God can change the heart!

*I Cor. 6:9-11 – NLT

Psalm 51:12 – NLT

God give us a willing spirit!