7 Keys to Generous Living

7 Keys to Generous Living

2 Cor. 9-6-15 – NIV

I Cor. 4:7 – NIV

Psalm 24:1

7 Keys to Generous Living:

1. Understand the law of sowing and reaping (Vs.6)

Gal. 6:7 – NIV

2. Understand that giving is a matter of the heart (Vs.7a)

3. Understand that God cares about our attitude when we give (Vs.7b)

Deut. 15:10 – NIV

4. Understand that God is able to supply your need “after” you give! (Vs.8)

*Wealth and our attitude toward it reveals the character of our heart.

*Mat. 6:21 – KJV

5. Understand that God entrusts “seed” to “sowers” (Vs. 10)

6. Understand that God promises a “harvest” to those who give (Vs.10-11)

7. Understand that Generosity and Obedience must accompany our confession of the gospel

*A generous life is one of the clearest ways to demonstrate Christ to a “me centered” world.