Drawing Near to God | Freedom from Your Past

“Drawing Near to God” Part 9 “Freedom from Your Past” 6-26-16

Phil. 3:12-14 – NLT

Three areas from our past where we must experience freedom:

  1. Un-forgiveness

*Un-forgiveness is like an invisible umbilical cord that connects us to those we have not forgiven

Mat. 6:14-15 – NLT

What to do about un-forgiveness:

  1. Repent of un-forgiveness
  2. Release the offender from your judgment
  3. Bless and pray for them until your feelings for them change

      *Your feelings are the “caboose” of your walk with Christ not the engine

      II. Generational Sin

      4 steps to deal with “Generational Sin”:

  1. Recognize and identify ungodly behaviors
  2. Forgive relatives that have negatively influenced you
  3. Repent of personal sin
  4. Submit to Christ and His Word

III.Inner Vows

*Mat. 5:33-37 – NLT

Problems with Inner Vows:

  1. They are self-focused and self-serving commitments
  2. They are high level commitments that exclude the Lord
  3. They connect us to a hurt from the past

*John 8:36 – NLT

Let Jesus set you free from your past!