God First | Part 3

“God First” Part 3 “God First in my Finances” January 15, 2017

Mat. 6:19-21 – NIV

Luke 16:11-12 – NIV

Prov. 3:9-10 – NIV

Three foundational truths about earthly wealth:

  1. How we divest or use wealth points to the position of our heart (Mat.6:21)
  2. Stewardship over finances is linked directly to spiritual blessings (Luke 16:11)
  3. The “tithe” or giving of the first fruits is an acknowledgment of God’s ownership

Four components of handling worldly treasure:

1.) Giving 2.) Saving 3.) Budgeting 4.) Investing

*The most important principle of putting God first is the surrender of all we “are” and all we “have” to God

Gen. 28:20-22 – NIV

Gen. 14:18-20 – NIV

Mat. 23:23 – NIV

*Tithing is a representation and acknowledgment of God’s ownership

Reasons why Christians do not tithe:

  1. Ignorance (They have never been taught)
  2. Fear of lack (I won’t have enough)
  3. Greed (I need it more)

Mal. 3:8-12 – NIV

*Put God First!