Drawing Near to God | Hearing God

“Drawing Near to God” Part 8 “Hearing God”

John 10:27-28 – NLT

*God’s voice is one of the greatest treasures of being in a relationship with Him

3 Things that hinder us from hearing God:

1. Unconfessed Sin

Is. 59:1-2 – NLT

Psalm 66:18 – NLT

1 Pet. 3:7 – NLT

2. Rebellion 

*We should never expect God to continue speaking to us if we disregarded Him the last time He spoke to us.

3. Busyness and Distraction

*Most people are just too preoccupied and distracted to hear God speak

5 Ways that God Speaks to us:

1.  By His still, small voice in our hearts

1 Kings 19:11-13 – NLT

2. Through the “Rhema” Word of God

Rom.10:17 – KJV

3. Through a sense of peace

Col. 3:15 – NLT

John 14:26-27 – NLT

4. By open and closed doors

Rev. 3:7 – NLT

5. Through other people

*God is speaking are you listening?