Jesus in Action | Part 9

“Jesus in Action” Part 9 “Honoring the Savior” May 28, 2017

Mark 11:1-10 – NIV

Three types of worshipers:

  1. Donkey Lenders

*To the owners, the donkey represented: Purpose, Potential and Ability

*Do we realize that submitting our gifts and talents to the Lord honors Him?

  1. Cloak Throwers

The outward “cloak” or “tunic” was part of their identity.

*Phil. 3:7-8 – NIV

*A “Cloak Thrower” is someone who honors Christ through their giving.

  1. Branch Cutters

*A “Branch Cutter” is a worshiper who is always willing to go the extra mile

to worship Christ.

*A church cannot thrive without “Branch Cutters”


*Honor the King, Honor the Kingdom!