Jesus in Action | Part 2

“Jesus in Action” Part 2 “Jesus still calls Disciples” April 2, 2017

Mark 1:14-20 – NKJV

Two noteworthy actions of Jesus:

  1. His first message or preaching topic (Repent and believe the good news)
  2. His first order of business or mission (Calling His disciples)

Jesus gives two invitations:

  1. Repent and believe the good news (gospel)
  2. Come follow me

How Jesus called these four fishermen:

  1. He went to where they were
  2. He challenged them to be more than what they were

*Jesus wants us to identify ourselves through Him and not by what we do

What does it mean to be a disciple?

  1. A disciple knows and follows Jesus
  2. A disciple is being “changed” by Jesus
  3. A disciple is committed to the mission of Jesus

God’s part:

  1. He calls us
  2. He makes us

Our part:

  1. Repent
  2. Believe
  3. Come and follow

*Jesus is still calling will you heed His call?