No Offense | Know God

“No Offense” Part 4 “Know God | No Offense”

Mat. 16:13-17 – KJV

John 6:67-68 – KJV

  • When we have an attachment to Christ we will desire the illumination of His Word.
  • God often places us in situations and circumstances that expose our weaknesses and character flaws.

Mark 4:16-17 –KJV

John 6:61 – KJV

Luke 22:31-32 –KJV

Five Purposes of shaking an object:

  1. To bring it closer to its foundation
  2. To remove what is dead
  3. To harvest what is ripe
  4. To awaken
  5. To unify or mix together so it can no longer be separated

Heb. 5:8- KJV

  • Our knowledge of scripture is not enough we need obedience
  • Knowing God and His will put an end to offense in your life.