Living in the Light | Part 8

“Living in the Light” Part 8 “Little Idols” December 4, 2016

1 John 5:18-21 – NLT

1 John 5:21 – NIV*

Idol: anything we want more than God, anything we rely on more than God, anything that we look to fulfill us more than God

1 Thess. 1:9 – NLT

Ezk. 14:3 – NLT

Jer. 2:13 – NLT

Acts 17:16 – NLT

Ex. 20:3-5 – NLT

How to deal with the sin of idolatry:

  1. Ask God to reveal idols that may have crept into your heart
  2. Ask God to reveal the promise that you have rejected or have been ignorant of that led to the acceptance of the idol
  3. Repent and tear down the idols of your heart in the name and power of Jesus
  4. Pursue a passionate, burning love for Jesus that takes priority over every part of your life

Psalm 37:4 – NLT

*Let us find delight, peace and satisfaction in the Lord!