Part 6: Men Under Siege

“The Best and Worst of Times” Part 6 – “Men under Siege”

I Sam. 11:1-11 – NIV

Why did Nahash want the right eye of every man in Jabesh?

To impair or disable them for war

1 John 4:1

*When men cannot tell good from evil, the home, community, and the nation is in serious trouble.

Is. 5:20 – NIV

Three reasons men lack discernment:



Lack of teaching

*A lack of discernment makes us defenseless in battle.

II. To shame or to embarrass them (Vs.2)

*Satan seeks to humiliate men because a man living in shame will never engage the enemy.

How do we deal with sin?

Ignore it?

Be condemned by it?

Repent and be delivered from it

*How we deal with our past will affect our future!

III. To “label” or “brand” them

*The devil loves “labels” because labels say “helpless”.

God is looking for a man who: A) Is full of the Spirit B) hates injustice C) is full of action D) leads E) follows through

*In our times of distress, fear and loneliness we can call on the Lord and experience deliverance!