Near The Cross

Near the Cross 

John 19:25 – NIV

I. Mary Mother of Jesus

*The women had a love and devotion for Jesus that superseded their fear of death

*To Mary Jesus could not be abandoned because she was confused, He could not be abandoned because of what others had labeled Him, or because her burden was great.

*You don’t have to understand you just have to stay faithful

II. Salome (Sister to Mary & wife of Zebedee)

Matt. 20:20-23 – KJV

*She did not expect privilege or promotion without devotion

*Being near the cross represents “self-denying” devotion.

III. Mary Magdalene

Mark 16:9 – KJV

*She was there because she couldn’t get over what He had done for her, gratitude brought her near the cross!

*The cross is the intersection of love & justice

*Are you living near the cross?