Who Am I? | Rejecting the Orphan Spirit

“Who Am I?” Part 1 “Rejecting the Orphan spirit” January 24, 2016

Rom. 8:14-17 – NKJ

Gal. 4:4-7 – NKJ

Mat. 13:15 – NKJ

*Before we attempt to do anything for God or be anything for God we must know our identity as sons and daughters

Rom. 8:29 – KJV

John 14:16-18 – NKJ

John 14:1-3 – KJV

*Because I am a “son” I have a Father, I have a home, I have an inheritance!

*The core of every temptation you face is about your identity

The Father’s mission: To fill His house with sons and daughters

The Son’s mission: To bring orphans back to the Father

Our mission: To finish the unfinished business of the Father

Three traits of an “orphan” spirit:

They have no trust or faith

They seek to control, manipulate or take from anyone who demonstrates son ship, ownership or authority

They habitually display anxiety, guilt and feelings of hopelessness

*Orphans need adoption!

Eph. 1:6 – NKJ

Do you know you are accepted and loved?