Who Am I? | Represent | Part 2

“Who Am I?” Part 4 “Represent II”

I Tim. 4:12,- NIV 

Mat. 5:13-16, KJV

We “represent” in: Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity

I. I Represent with Love

*Our example of love must first be displayed among believers

John. 13:35 – KJV

Gal. 6:10 NIV

I John 4:20 – KJV

*When we don’t love each other the world will not believe!

Eph. 4:2-3 – NIV

Mat. 5:43-46 – KJV

II. I Represent with Faith

*We should not be known as the people who worry and complain!

III. I Represent with Purity

*The core of Christianity is the declaration that Jesus is “Lord”

*Deception believes that there is such a thing as a “private” life.

*Luke 8:17 –KJV

Do you represent?

Who Am I? | Represent

“Who Am I?” Part 3 “Represent!”

I Tim. 4:12,16 – NIV

Mat. 5:13-16 – KJV

  • We are called “Salt” “Light”, “Stars” “Ambassadors” and “Witnesses”
  • The way we live is not only a matter of salvation for ourselves but also for others! (1 Tim. 4:16)

1 Tim. 2:19 – NIV

1 Thess 5:22 – NIV

  • How do we represent Christ? (I Tim. 4:12) Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith, Purity

I “represent” with my “Speech”

  • Our speech and conversations should represent our Father!

II. Conduct – (Lifestyle)

  • Conduct is how we “act” and “react”

III. Love (For each other, for the world)

  • Love involves action, love involves works

John 13:35 – KJV

  • Of all the “witness busters” none are as destructive as when Christians fight among themselves!

Eph. 4:3 – NIV

  • Will you represent?