Drawing Near to God | Stewardship

“Drawing Close to God” Part 7 “Stewardship”

Mat. 6:19-26 – NLT

*Jesus says our treasure and our heart are inseparably linked together

*Giving and Stewardship demonstrate our trust in God and reveal where our hearts are

Three Foundations of Stewardship:
1. We do not own anything

Psalm 24:1 – NLT

Luke 14:33 – NLT

*Stewardship begins with the acknowledgement that God is owner

2. The “firsts” belong to God

Psalm 3:9-10 – KJV

Matt. 6:33 – KJV

3. Our life must be surrendered to God

2 Cor. 8:3-5 – NLT

*Stewardship is the expression of trust in a Savior we call “Lord”.

*Will you draw close to God as a steward?