Part 10: Personal Battles

“The Best and Worst of Times” Part 10 “Personal Battles”

I Sam. 17:4-11, 16

*Personal battles & circumstances are the crucibles where God refines us.

Four things to remember when facing personal battles:

Personal battles can be intimidating

*The longer you allow a giant to dominate your thoughts and steal your joy the closer in they will move.

2.  Personal battles can be lonely

*In times of personal loneliness God is teaching us to value His presence and His ability to deliver.

3. Personal battles must be approached with faith and persistence

2 Tim. 2:3 – KJV

*Our weapons come from God!  The Holy Spirit makes our prayers and efforts effective.

4. Personal Battles serve as testimonies throughout life. 

*Our victories serve as landmarks of God’s faithfulness

*Remember the battle belongs to the Lord!