Part 12: You Think You Got Problems?

“The Best and Worst of Times” Part 12 “You Think You Got Problems”?  9-27-15

1 Sam. 30:1-8 – NIV

*The most difficult hardships in life are the ones that come “suddenly”.

*The worst part of trials that come “suddenly” is that they come with fear.

Seven of the most difficult hardships people face:

  1. The loss of a family member or when the  life of a family member is threatened
  2. The possibility or threat of losing one’s own life
  3. Relationship issues
  4. Financial problems or material loss
  5. Being displaced (Forced to leave your home)
  6. Having your character or judgment questioned
  7. Doubt about the future

How did David respond to severe hardship?

  • He cried
  • He sought and found strength in “his” God
  • He sought and found counsel from God
  • He did what he could
  • He believed God’s Word

You think you got problems?