Part 13: Bringing Home The “W”


“The Best and Worst of Times” 2   “Bringing Home The “W”! 

2 Sam. 6:12-23 – NIV

*David wanted the Ark to be the “center” of his kingdom

Five things you need to know when you’re bringing home the “W”

Bringing home the “W” requires preparation

*David had not considered how it was supposed to be done but only how it had been done in the past.

1 Chron. 15:12-15 – NIV

Bringing home the “W” requires passion and boldness

*The fear of man causes us to forgo and pass up many worship experiences

        3.    Bringing home the “W” requires Holiness

Psalm 66:18 – KJV

        4.    Bringing home the “W” requires Humility

*Humility is one of the core attributes of love.

        5.   Bringing home the “W” may upset spectators

*Those who do the least often complain the most

*Be a God seeker, not a window peeker!