Part 9: After God’s Own Heart

“The Best and Worst of Times” Part 9 “After God’s Own Heart”

I Sam 16:1-13 – NIV

I Sam 13:14 – NIV

Five Characteristics of David that made him a “Man after God’s own heart”

David had faith in God

1 Sam.17:45-46 – NIV

Heb. 11:6 – KJV

*David knew God was bigger than himself and bigger than his enemies!

2 Sam 22:3 – NIV

Psalm 25:20 – KJV

David was humble

*Bitterness and grudges will destroy your life!

Psalm 10:17 – KJV

Phil 2:3- NIV

David was a worshipper!

*The greater the revelation of who God is the more a person will bow down and worship

      IV.         David loved God and His law

*It is impossible to love God and not His law

       V.         David had a repentant heart

*Our growth in the Lord has much to do with how we respond to our sins and failures

Prov. 28:13 – KJV

Psalm 51:10 – NIV

*God give us a heart like David!