Jesus in Action | Part 1

“Jesus in Action” Part 1 “The Foundation of Ministry”

Mark 1:9-13 – NIV

*Until we recognize the true meaning of the Father’s voice we will always falter in our Christian experience

  1. You are my Son!

*How you identify yourself will always affect you, either positively or negatively

  1. I Love You!

Do you know that you matter?

III. I Am Pleased with You!

*Have you considered that He is pleased with you not because you don’t fail, but because you don’t quit.

The Father’s Words prepared Jesus to face:

  1. The Wilderness – (Harsh environments)
  2. Temptations- (Spiritual attacks)
  3. Wild Animals – (Predators)

*You are my son!

* I love you!

*I am pleased with you!