No Longer Slaves | The Struggle is Real, but so is God

“No Longer a Slave” Part 8 “The Struggle is real but so is God”

Mat. 8:23-27 – NLT

Mat. 14:22-33 – NLT

*There must be a balance between submitting to God and resisting the devil

James 4:7 – KJV

“Fretters” have a difficult time living in freedom because they have not learned to trust in Christ and rest in Christ.

“Floaters” claim to live by grace but don’t abstain from the appearance of evil

The disciples struggle:

  1. They were obeying the Lord
  2. They were doing their part (Rowing hard-Mk. 6:48)
  3. Circumstances were bad
  4. Jesus was absent or unconcerned

*In both stories Jesus addressed their faith before He addressed the storm!

*Living free from addictions will involve some “rowing” but it must involve trusting

Eph. 6:12 – KJV

Prov. 24:16 – NLT

“The Struggle is real but so is God!”