No Longer a Slave | Training in Righteousness

“No Longer a Slave” Part 7 “Training in Righteousness”

Eph. 4:20-32 – NLT

2 Tim. 3:16 – NLT

Three commands to follow to live a life free from addiction: (Eph.4)

  1. Put off the old!

Eph. 4:17-19 – NLT

*Christians who remain in their addiction do so because of self-deception and denial

*Being trained in “righteousness” means stopping some behaviors and beginning other behavior

Prov. 28:13 – NLT

  1. Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes

*Mind renewal is hard work and requires a teachable spirit

Rom. 12:2 – NLT

III. Put on the new!

*God enables us but we must be willing to choose new behavior