Words: Part 3


“Words” part 3

Psalm 109:17-18 – NIV

James 3:6, 9-10 – NIV


Rom. 12:14 – NIV

*Curse- to doom, damn or imprecate evil upon

*Cuss- profanity – obscenity, offensive words that are spoken to add emotion or intensity to a sentence or circumstance

Prov. 12:18 – NIV

Eph. 4:29 – NIV

*If with your speech you condemn or wish evil upon another person you have sinned.

Mat. 10:28 – KJV

Prov. 4:24 – NIV

Two “extremes” to avoid:

That cuss words are harmless or meaningless

That those who slip are condemned or “less saved”

*The most dangerous forms of “corrupt” speech often come without profanity.

1 Pet. 3:10 – NIV

*We must think before we speak!

Psalm 19:14 – NIV