If you would like to learn more about our culture, how you connect with God, get plugged into community and begin your journey to encountering God daily, LH Connect is your next step. Through LH Connect, you will learn more about what it means to become a member and enter into the covering of Living Hope Church.
LH Connect is your first step to joining & serving at Living Hope, but it’s about more than membership, it’s about daily personal encounters with God. Through LH Connect, you will receive a personal daily encounter guide that is custom-made according to your gifts, skills and your specific Connect With God Ways. Once you complete LH connect online, we will schedule your personal LH Connect appointment.

You can start LH Connect online!

Know Jesus

Our heart is to help you discover how you connect with God and provide you with practical steps to begin your journey to encountering God daily. 

Live in freedom

We exist to take people from corporate encounters with God to daily personal encounters with God. We do this in community through small groups & serving! 


At Living Hope our desire is help you to discover your purpose and take steps toward making a difference in the lives of others by serving on the Dream Team.


Once you have completed LH Connect and are a member of Living Hope Church; we desire that you would take what you have learned and use it in your everyday life to impact the world around you!

Looking for the Connect With God ways assessment?

If you haven’t gone through LH Connect and would like to get your Connect With God Ways, we encourage you to take the next step to go through LH Connect!